Due to government action, records and assets have been ceased.   At this time, return of funds is beyond our control, however, Prisoner Assistant/Lifetime Liberty Group is bonded and insured."

What We Do

Prisoner Assistant provides Rehabilitation and Reentry planning services through our partners at Lifetime Liberty Group. We provide the successful combination of Real World Tools, Education and Support for our clients. Our services are focused on helping with the reintegration into society, decreasing the recidivism rates and providing safer communities for everyone. We  empower prisoners allowing them to change the direction of their lives. 

Real World Tools

We offer our clients services that reconnect them to the world while still incarcerated; these services are integral to the reentry process.

Education Courses

Prisoner Assistant is developing a total of 12 unique Education Courses, complete with tests and certificates as part of our overall Reentry program.


Click To view Prisoner Assistant's Team
Click To view Prisoner Assistant's Team

The Executive Assistants we asign to client services are qualified and trained to work with each client in an effort to reach individual goals in reentry preparation.


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