Shannon Agofsky

Shannon Agofsky


U.S.P. Terre Haute

PO Box 33

Terre Haute, IN 47808




Date Of Birth

March 11, 1971




Lithuanian on my father's side, Irish on my mother's side.

Educational History

I have 12.5 credits towards a Criminology Degree.


Noel, MO

Release Location


Due to recent developments in my case, I have been offered jobs in Nevada and overseas.

Release Date

Optimistically 3-5 years, currently on death row.



I was arrested at the age of 19 and eventually received two life sentences for a bank robbery/murder that I did not commit. I never had proof of innocence, so my appeals were expended uselessly, and my future was lost. At one point during my incarceration, I was forced into a fight and beat another prisoner to death.


Though the jury found I had no intent to kill, my previous convictions left me automatically eligible for a death sentence. So I became the only person in the USA on death row for a killing the jury agreed was actually manslaughter. My prospects became bleaker still, which I had not believed possible.


Then an extremely dedicated team of lawyers and investigators took my case. Their belief in my innocence, coupled with much hard work, has turned up not only the evidence to prove I was not involved in the bank robbery/murder, but positive proof of who the real criminals were.


The re-opening of my case has given me hope. For the first time in over 20 years there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some lawyers involved believe my original case will be overturned within 3-5 years, necessitating reversal of my death case and re-sentencing for manslaughter. This would result in immediate release.

After so many past disappointments, I am almost afraid to hope. Yet the possibility of freedom has me looking toward the future.


Seeking a Mentor

Effective death penalty work requires not only knowledge of law, but of psychology as well. Studies show 75% to 80% of those on death row suffer from mental illness, while up to 65% are "functionally retarded" with an I.Q. between 70 and 75. This means men who are moody, paranoid, illiterate or incapable of fully comprehending their legal circumstances. They require more time and patience than most lawyers can give, so often those most in need are the least likely to receive it.


I've been doing legal work on behalf of other prisoners since 1992. I help any who ask, and charge nothing. While I do my best, because of my lack of formal training, my best is often not enough.


I am looking for advice in the legal field or in psychology. Maybe someone to provide books or be available to answer questions I may have through correspondence. It would be appreciated and would help me to help the people who most need it.


Future Goals

My short term goals are to enroll in a paralegal study course, as well as to develop contacts who can advise me on legal or psychological issues. This would make me more effective in aiding others.


Long term, I wish to continue my education, and earn a degree in either psychology or criminology, depending upon what is available to me. Should my case work out as hoped, it would be solely due to selfless work of others, and I desire to give something back. Either degree would afford me opportunities to do so, and earn a living in a way which is both rewarding and meaningful to me, as well as useful to others. 


How Prisoner Assistant Has Helped Me

Opening a bank account with Prisoner Assistant has been the first positive step towards a better future that I have taken in over two decades. Previously, I had no way to even save a few dollars. Now I can. The added incentive to do so is that they can help me with all my needs. I need to find affordable college courses, without Prisoner Assistant how would I find them? I have learned a lot from their catalog and it has opened my eyes to what is available. With their aid, I will be better prepared when released. I don't just foresee a future, but a damn good one.


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